Financial markets: Assets to trade
Stocks trading (Penny-stocks, dividend paying stocks. Stocks derivatives. Fundamentals driving the stock market). ETFs trading (ETFs classifications, structuring and allocation. Advantages and disadvantages). Mutual funds trading (MF categories. Fundamentals. Pros and Cons. Blend, Value and Growth funds). Forex trading (Major, minor and exotic currencies. Fundamentals driving the Forex market, key financial and political news).

  • Learn which financial market fulfills your financial goals and complies with your risk tolerance level.
  • Learn how to achieve a profit maximisation and adequate risk ratio when trading Stocks, ETFs, Mutual funds and Forex.
  • Test and optimise trading Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Forex in a risk-free simulator, Paper Trade.
  • Team mentoring with Tickeron's investment experts via exclusive Zoom sessions.
  • Complete homework to apply the knowledge in practice.
  • Weekly webinars about current market insights and tips.

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