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Investor Clubs: create own community or join existing.
Start building your community of investors to exchange ideas and share the knowledge. Strong community leads to common success. Join existing clubs to find friends and generate trade ideas together.

  • Setting up an Investor club based on your investment principles and financial goals.
  • Compete with peers and make each other stronger.
  • Participate in weekly and monthly competitions to win rewards.
  • Personal brand awareness and monetization opportunities.
  • Weekly webinars with Tickeron experts.

Our instructors
Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D.
Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D. has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Moscow University and has experience as an entrepreneur, investor, manager, and mathematician. His professional expertise is in applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, system and pattern analysis, and software and hardware system integration. He has served as the CEO of several hi-tech start-up companies and nonprofit organizations, which has given him proven capabilities in business strategy for high-tech start-up companies, market assessment, company formation, team building, product development, marketing, and sales. He has published numerous articles in journals and magazines on related fields. As a retail investor, he spent 15 years developing his proprietary trading and quantitative algorithms (now Tickeron's A.I.), which brought him significant returns in trading the stock market. His current work and goal in founding Tickeron is to bring professional, and sophisticated stock market analysis capabilities to retail investors via an easy-to-use interface.
Dmitry Perepelkin
Dmitry Perepelkin has a bachelor double-degree in Investment Management & Finance from Bern University of Applied Sciences and JAMK University of Applied Sciences. His professional expertise is in portfolio management, financial modelling, community management and software system integration. He has served as CIO of a private family & friends investment fund, managed cryptocurrency communities, developed research frameworks for ICO and STO markets, which all together has given him proven capabilities in investment management, product development and business optimisation. He has published analytical and educational articles in cryptocurrency journals, such as Forklog. As a financial analyst and portfolio manager, he spent 7 years in development of semi-passive and passive trading strategies for stock and cryptocurrency markets. His current work and goal in Tickeron is to build a professional community of traders and investors.
Our features
Paper Trading
Paper Trading allows you to make trades without risking any real money. Throughout the whole course you will be able to put acquired knowledge and financial insights into practice. Starting from the very first day. As a result, you end up developing your own trading style and then you can start trading with real money!
Career opportunity
Become an investment expert in A.I portfolio management and trading. We provide recommendations to the best students willing to apply for an internship or investment analyst position in top-tier companies.
Weekly Skype with an expert
Take part in a weekly Skype session with Tickeron's experts to get trading insights and practical tips on real-life examples. Experience how professional traders are using Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence tools in dealing with extreme volatility, uncertainty and stagnation on the market. Learn how to maximise your return.
Lifetime access
You can access your educational account from virtually anywhere, whenever you want. We provide students with limitless educational possibilities. Learn at your own pace to absorb the knowledge and practice.
Complete Setup
We help you to set up your trading account and provide individual 1-On-1 Skype sessions to answer any questions. Schedule the meeting via our 1-On-1 feature.
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