Trading with AI Robots
AI Robots make all the trading decisions. All you need is to visit trading rooms and follow AI Robots' entries and exits.

Review and verify all closed trades as extensively as you wish.
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Q&A: AI Robots
How do AI Robots work?
AI Robots use Artificial Intelligence to identify and analyze trends across thousands of stocks, ETFs and other asset classes. AI Robots publish their decisions to enter and exit positions in real time. Copy their trades to our Paper Trade Simulator and/or your brokerage account.
Who built AI Robots?
AI Robots were built by a group of Ph.D.s at Tickeron and based on Tickeron's proprietary AI trading engines. This group of Ph.D.s extracted the best performing stocks, ETFs, Forex and Cryptos using a combination of the AI Trend Prediction Engine, AI Pattern Search Engine, and Real Time Patterns.
Who can use AI Robots?
AI Robots are for day traders, swing traders and option traders. They are for people who are looking for simplicity and do not have a lot of time to find trading opportunities. They are NOT for long term investors. They are not for people who do not have easy access to their brokerage accounts.

See How AI Robots Work
Review and verify all closed trades as long as you wish
Why Tickeron's AI Robots?
Asset Classes
Stocks, Penny Stocks,
ETFs, Forex, Cryptos

Web based
No SW installation required
Pay monthly only when you need it
Find friends and talk to them

Verify Before You Buy
Visit trading rooms with AI Robots live signals and copy their trades to your Paper Trade Simulator to test their performance.
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